lunedì 19 maggio 2014


I never got interested in art, what a shame.
Nello Romano 2014.

martedì 13 maggio 2014

Black'n White Berlin Wall.

Sometimes I wish the wall would not have an end.
Sometimes the wall finishes to close.
Sometimes my wall has a dark end.
Sometimes my wall cryes in my place.

Sometimes one need to find an escape from the wall.
Me never. I crash into the wall.
If there is a gap I tend to ignore it.

Sometimes the wall crashes on one.
Stays up and right on someone else.
Sometimes the wall is black and white.
Sometimes the wall is coloured and fragrant.

Sometimes he fall in love and fall apart.
In beats, in pieces, crashed down to heart.
If ther is one, that will be me.
Sometimes the wall ring's......"pick up the phone, pick up the phone..."
Sometimes the wall does'nt turn up.
Sometimes one's wall ask for you.
Sometimes your wall is missing you.

He call's for humanity, for compassion, for fun or for help.
He call's for justice, for civil rights and dignity, for freedom or poverty.
For comunist, for fascist, for muslim, for catholic, for african, for irish, for american.

Sometimes we need to build a wall.
Sometimes we need to destroy a wall.
Sometimes we do need a wall.
Sometimes a wall is our crime.

He call's for us, for them, for other's. The other's.
For art, for music, for culture, for wealth, for history, for the land that's missing the rain.
For water, for dust, for food, for war, for black, for white, for death and for life!

If there is a wall we'll draw on it, if there is not we won't write a word.
If a wall is builded for defense, we'll catch our enemyes to conquer it.
You may think a wall is an obstacle, turn around it and pass by.
Don't try to climb it, leave it as it says, don't burn it down, plant a flower.

Wall by wall, made of brick by brick, hand after hand, man by man.
Woman by woman, mama after mama, pieces of concrete one on one.
One after the other, little by little, touch by touch, breathe by breathe...
tears by tears, look after look.
Wall of sound, wall of word's, wall of love. Wall of heart's.

Wall not wall, yes or not, life or death.

undertitle photo was taken in september, 2013, 
by nelloromano's cellphone. 
He wrote the above in may, 2014.